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Key PeopleIna, Haiku
ReleaseMay 19th 2023
Max Supply1,700 PEMU
Mint StatusMinted Out
Official 𝕏@pemutoNFT

Pemuto is a vibrant and fun, hand drawn pixel art project and was the first gift collection to the Oekaki Maker community delivered as single packs of 10 NFT pieces.

Minters were able to mint with 1 pack which included 10 different Pemuto NFT’s to reveal! Pemuto features ‘Pemu’ and ‘Toto’ in different costumes, disguises and looks.. taking inspiration from anime, gaming, and cartoon culture.

Some items for Pemu [ the large friend ] featured, robotic suits, game consoles or remotes, soda cans, popular game avatars from games very beloved in the community!

Toto, also known as ‘To’ [ the little friend ] appears in the project as a variety of different disguises and costumes as well… from a plushie, all the way to an anime girl.. Toto’s different appearances may seem small, but the different Toto disguises add so much to image and spark so much joy with their sweet appearance and nostalgic memories they bring.

There is so much to see in the Pemuto collection, and it was made purely for fun whilst Ina (the artist of Pemuto) was learning pixel art for the first time, which gives the project its amateurish and silly vibe.

With traits even including items that Ina owns in real life that hold importance to her. Such as the eggburt mug Item, the sally plush Friend, or the suzie Pemu costume.

Please have fun looking through the almost 400 traits featuring in the collection and all of the different combinations, there is sure to be a Pemuto for you!

Ina was the artist and creator of Pemuto. Haiku helped with the generation.