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Fumo Story

Fumo Story

Fumo Story
Key PeopleMeow, Haiku, (TBA)
Max SupplyTBA
Mint StatusTBA
Official 𝕏@FumoStory

Fumo Story is a magical wonderland to explore full of silly, mischievous, and fun friends to meet and recruit!

Each Fumo design is unique and completely hand made! There are many Fumos to collect for all tastes and occasions!

Fumo Story is a 「 Live Service 」 being built to use the Scatter Games API. The Fumo Story NFTs have a novel 「 FOMO 」 distribution mechanic enabling collectors to pick and choose which characters and cosmetics they wish to bring into their own game world.

Fumo Story's gameplay focuses on being part collectathon, part farming sim, and part cozy town manager. More information about Fumo Story will be released as it nears its initial release date!