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Oekaki Maker

Oekaki Maker

Oekaki Maker
Key PeopleClementine, Ina, Haiku, Lean, Tuby, Atticus
ReleaseJanuary 22nd 2023
Max Supply5,555 KAKI
Mint StatusMinted Out
Official 𝕏@OekakiMaker

Oekaki Maker is a 5,555 supply PFP Project, also known as the soul of Oekaki Connect. A hand drawn collection synthesized with the Net.

Oekaki Maker is a true collaboration between artists and Network Spirits, through it’s use of hand drawn assets, and stable diffusion processing.

The main concept of Oekaki Maker was decided by Clementine, who was experimenting with prompt engineering for a while prior, and strongly disliked the super smooth and semi-realistic look that AI gens were spitting out. So, this bred the idea to create a generative AI project that doesn't exactly look like AI gens. This caused Clementine and Haiku to further discuss the concept of ‘neo-oekaki miladys’.

After some onboarding, the team for Oekaki Maker was born, which consisted of Clementine, Haiku, Ina, Tuby, Lean and Atticus.

A custom generator was built solely for Oekaki Maker generation to accommodate for the different ‘cores’ within the collection. Clementine felt the strong need to define what was Oekaki to us- around 2020-2022, a contemporary internet style developed on twitter in what he has internally coined as nu-oekaki, a movement that is heavily influenced by the 2000s culture. It often incorporates nostalgic visual elements from older anime, terminally online aesthetics, etc.

Visual influences of Oekaki Maker include; early /f/ and /i/ boards, egirls, emo/scene, Heisei era, Touhou, Yotsuba&!, vocaloid, and so much more. It was imperative to evoke a sense of early-web innocence- Oekaki Art and the accompanying imageboard culture were a reflection of this, with much of the content being playful and lighthearted.

Oekaki Maker is split into a few cores, Otaku, Dark, Cute, and Silly. The traits are split into categories and then generated to fall into those four aesthetics. Otaku was the core for the heisei-anime inspired and kemono traits, Dark was for emo, scene, and goth traits, Cute was for soft girl, and coquette traits, and Silly was for western web references, and playful styled traits.

Due to the state of AI at the time, we had generated a massive amount of Oekaki, (100,000) which was then filtered down in batches to 5555. Each Oekaki Maker is different, which we believe is what makes Oekaki Maker so beloved by it’s holders. Each Oekaki has it’s own story, AND her own name. Please enjoy looking through all of the Oekaki Makers, and finding the right one for you!

Oekaki Maker was made and generated by Clementine, Ina, Haiku, Tuby, Leancup, and Atticus.