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Molady Maker

Molady Maker

Molady Maker
Key PeoplePUTRID, Haiku, Xan
ReleaseJune 28 2033
Max Supply7777
Mint StatusMinted Out
Official 𝕏@moladymaker

Molady Maker is a collection of 7777 hand-drawn, generative pfpNFTs in a neodoujin aesthetic inspired by Milady Maker, made by PutridPierrette.

Molady Maker was illustrated over a 7 month period, solely by Putrid as a mainly solo project. With about 800 unique traits in the collection, Molady is known by many to be one of the most beautiful and well done Milady inspired collections. Each trait is in a beautiful black and white monochromatic palette, finished with clean manga style dithering textures. Mixed within the collection are different coloured ‘Foil’ overlays, to provide the monochromatic textures to be accented by a pop of colour.

There are over 10 special Molady 1/1’s that were drawn by other artists per Putrid’s request, many drawing their version of the signature “Molady Chan”! Some of the featured artists include, AbsoluteKarat, SadCats2007, Inabisou, Mr. U2b, and Three.

Molady Maker is fully minted out, even with it’s large and lucky supply of 7777. A huge amount of holders of friendly community projects were allotted multiple free mints of Molady over the course of several friends list drops. Molady Maker is a beautiful collection, with a large amount of beautiful NFTS, and a massive amount of beautiful traits for you to explore for a lifetime.

Putrid was the artist and creator of Molady Maker, Haiku helped with the generation.