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Key PeopleIna, Xan
Max SupplyTBA
Mint StatusTBA

Girlonline is an angelic and pastel hand drawn profile picture project, made by ina. Focusing on feminine digital aesthetics and cute motifs. Girlonline is ina’s largest generative ‘solo’ project, published by Oekaki Connect.

Minters will be able to mint as many girlonline’s they desire, the collection showcases over 500+ traits, full of beautiful digital girls with cohesive colour palettes and unique aesthetics. Inspiration was taken from j-fashion, kawaii, Gyaru, and a variety of other fashion subcultures, along with girlish anime and cute style gaming culture.

The collection features a lot of fashion items such as cosplay costumes, Lolita inspired garments, cute graphic tees, and some iconic recognizable fashion items. Along with trinkets for each girl, such as nostalgic childhood toys and cute food.

During curation, it was important for each girl to have a unique look, and for the image to feel cohesive in some way and not too mismatched. This was especially important when it came to the different facial expressions, since there is a large variety of eyes and mouths. Every girlonline is different, just like every real girl.

(´。• ω •。`)

With such a vast amount of traits, there is so much to explore and admire when you mint your special girlonline, or many of them! Please enjoy looking through them, and maybe even share with your friend a girlonline you think they would like.

You can read more about girlonline by visiting the ‘thoughts behind girlonline’ blog.

Ina was the artist and creator of Girlonline. Xanthel helped with the generation.