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The Oekaki Pitch

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OC Team
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OC Team
OC Team

“Where visual art, literature, and technology collide to create the extraordinary.”

Oekaki Connect

Art, Merch, Toys, Games, Publishing, Services, Education, Fun, Joy

Our Vision, Our Story, Our Future


Oekaki Connect is a group of highly skilled technical personnel, and talented creative individuals from all over the world who came together organically as multiple projects manifested themselves. With time, structure developed and Oekaki Connect became a growing group of over 15 skilled developers, programmers, and talented artists, sharing a united vision of using visual art, literature, technology to create amazing things. OC has 5 core founders, but we still listen to what everyone within OC has to say and what they want OC to do.

The Goal:

A big tent with multiple streams of income to support sustainable growth and independence.

  • Artist First
  • Highly Skilled
  • Highly Motivated
  • Well Connected

Business Model

  • Sectors: Digital art, video games, collectible toys and figures, capsule fashion / wearable merchandise, ads.
  • Traction: Art collection market cap, manifested cultural resonance, daily active users.
  • Timing: Blockchain is booming, and people are hungry for alternatives to big companies of the past. People are eager to support a team that have their best interest in mind, along with a unified vision and aesthetic.

We have soul and culture.

We are active participants in our own community.

We fight for Total Kaki Victory.

We include YOU in US.

Merch, Toys, Fashion

Oekaki Connect has produced, and is currently selling merchandise such as our original plush toys online and in retail. We have entire lines in development and production. Our goal is to reach audiences beyond our own, and create products that resonate with our core audience and that also appeal to corresponding outsider markets.

Appealing IP ➡️ Evergreen Products

Our merchandise is already beloved by customers all around the world!

We are relentless about creating new joy!

We are very serious about studying the past and learning from it. Applying what we learn to build functional businesses that grow into titans of entertainmnet.


People love and value our art. Our art powers living cultures. Iconic characters made with soul.

Our artistic vision is to create a light-hearted, sweet, and enjoyable world with original characters and designs to work in conjunction with our various desired product ventures such as for merchandising, video games, or onchain digital art projects.


We have fond memories of educational games such as ones by The Learning Company and Humongous Entertainment that no longer are accessible to people today. They walked so we can run! We see market potential for us to use our skills to make these kinds of games again but with a fresh and modern vision.

Aligns with our merch and general games initiatives. Multi-strategy evergreen market potentials.


We are building a webgames portal, a games development and games publishing company.

We’re investing into building fully onchain games. The technology needed to fully replace services like Steam and make it onchain native on the web.

OC has multiple games in production from casual 2D games to 3D live service games. We have huge ambition and skills!


We are building a number of innovative commercial services to first meet our needs with the aim of then serving the wider community and beyond.

We are avilable for partnerships where members of the Oekaki Connect team help to achieve your product needs and artistic visions.

Our Partners + + [REDACTED]

Our success is your success! Build a closer relationship with Oekaki Connect NOW!

Connect with us!