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Oekaki Connect is a big tent organization which includes YOU as a community member. Everyone within the Oekaki Connect community has the potential to join the OC Core team. Everyone within the OC Core team has the potential to join the OC Illuminati. Oekaki Connect's primary organizational structure is as a team without a single leader as far as the organization goes, with individual projects having leadership for specific roles such as art direction. OC Core discusses and votes on important decisions as a team. Everyone within OC Core has the power to veto any official OC action. Even the OC Illuminati cannot act on their own on important issues, all official actions are discussed and then actioned on. OC Illuminati have final say for matters related to team finances, and will intervene if there are any major issues with the OC Core team.

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The Oekaki Connect community is friendly, but it's still not a hugbox. You need to have a spine if you want to participate. No one will walk on eggshells to accommodate people who try to impose their beliefs onto others. We tolerate outsiders but if you cause trouble you will be banned. Lurk and understand the culture before you chat if you're at first unsure.


There are some cooperative artists within the OC community who are not part of the OC core who are available to team up together and create projects. The OC leadership gives insight and direction to projects when the community asks for help, some of which may eventually be published under OC.

OC frequently does paid commissions to artists within its community.

Sometimes members of OC do projects with others where even though a majority of the team is part of OC the project is still not considered OC. At times those projects become published under OC, other times they stay independent. This site is for indexing and discussing OC projects so we will not list everything everyone on the team has ever done with others if they are not OC projects.

Solo Projects

OC encourages team based projects though solo projects are still welcome. Even solo projects still usually have others assisting with the release of that project, often in technical capacities.


OC's fee for publishing a project is reasonable amount of free mints for Oekaki Maker holders (at least 10% of supply when that makes sense) as well as 5% of the final withdraw proceeds to be sent Oekaki Connect multisig. The OC Illuminati has final say on how the funds in the multisig are used, though generally they are being used to fund new projects such as merchandise initiatives. Funds paid to OC are done through the honor system and are only paid once your project has fully minted out.

All projects published by OC are required to pay the 5% publishing fee, including solo projects by OC Core members.

OC has no non-compete agreements. You are free to work with whomever you wish though we hope you will involve OC and publish under OC whenever it makes sense.

Contract Work

If you would like OC to help you with something this is possible to do. Join our Discord server and create a ticket. Even if you or we do not want to publish what you have in mind under OC, we will still try to find people within OC who can help your project. Our team has been behind many of the biggest projects out there that are not even associated with OC. Our artistic reach is always growing beyond into the greater world.

Profit Sharing

OC generally shares project proceeds evenly or by contribution when it makes sense. OC believes it is important for artists to be paid well for their work, and being paid directly from proceeds is a good way to do that. Profit sharing projects are completely on a voluntary basis.

OC also recognizes that to be a sustainable company it needs a larger treasury and to pay salaries. Some projects in the future will not be direct profit sharing, but will divert from 30-100% of proceeds into the OC treasury. Eventually OC will change to a full salary company where the people working on our major productions are well paid directly from our treasury.

Oekaki Treasury

OC's primary treasury can be found at 0x1DE...dD9 which is currently a 3 out of 6 signature multisig controlled by the OC Illuminati. The members of OC in control of the treasury are highly trusted and deeply care about the future of OC and achieving the mission of OC. If you would like to send anything to the OC treasury you are welcome to. We may give away interesting NFTs or tokens sent to the treasury as prizes in future OC art contests.

OC's funds will always be transparent even as we grow into a bigger company. You can always see how we are doing and what we are spending our treasury on though how we spend our funds is always our decision.

OC is not a charity. Do not come to us begging. If you are skilled as an artist, writer, promoter, or coder then you can post you are looking for work within our community.

OC is capitalist. Though it may appear somewhat like a worker's cooperative, it is not. We put artists first, and we want artists to get money. Getting artists the most money may one day involve taking VC money for some ownership in OC, OC is completely open to that. OC is in it for the long haul and will never do anything that would allow external forces to gain meaningful control over OC even if they get some ownership in OC.