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Space Kitty

The Space Kitty plush is a full body recreation of an original character created by Kirach3w, and produced by HappyUFO. This plushie is a soft and furry cat with embroidered face markings, paws, and also attached wings.

Featuring in some of Kira’s old art, Space Kitty, also known as ‘Munjee’ is a beloved character to her, full of joy and magical pastel cuteness, perfect to be immortalized into an adorable plushie.

Please take care of your perfect Space Kitty, and allow it to guide you on all of your magical journeys to come. .。゚+. ♡

Space Kitty Plush is the first instalment of a line of multiple Space Robot Friends, that will be featured in exciting media to come that we hope you will all enjoy!