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Oekaki Connect

Welcome to Oekaki Connect!

Oekaki Connect (OC) is a growing team of artists who love art and want to make more art with you!

  • Voices - OC is a team of unique voices. We put our hearts and our souls into our art!
  • Craft - OC cares about making high quality, self-evidently beautiful art. Modern art live under the tyranny of language, OC's art is free!
  • Integrity - OC puts artists first. OC cares about doing things the right way. OC is transparent and honest in our goals and actions.

Taking over art.

Oekaki Connect is a powerhouse of creative energy. We are a highly motivated group and will push beyond the expectations and so-called limits others impose on themselves. We believe in the endless march of our art. We do not believe in over-saturation. We will continue to produce art, and continue to make new innovative art so long as we please to. We will make art that is made for commercial purposes, and art that is made for the beauty and joy of it. In everything we do, we will inspire joy.

We're still early. And so are you!

The world is changing. The world is going to be different. We are going to be different. We are going to be better.

To win, you have to be in it for the art. You have to be in it for the fun. You have to be in it for the love. Truth and beauty will always win. We are on the side of truth and beauty always and will uphold them as our primary and ultimate values. Everything is for love.

The Oekaki Manifesto

Oekaki Connect (OC) is a distributed collective of artists, writers, and engineers who are creating the next revolution in art.

Words like art have a variety of meanings in relation to the human experience. Specifically, our art is the kind of enthusiastic expression that is part of the cumulative remix of cultural adaptations, the endless thread of human joy not often curated within histories but always there. We are not shy about loving awesome art. We will boldly define products like video games as art as it suits us. The destination of the commercial or the high is irrelevant to us. We simply see and make what we want to. We do not care for the opinions of those who would seek to limit the definition of art to only the most pretentious of expressions. What matters is what is good, what is beautiful, what is true.

Like art, we care about fun. Like art, fun can be defined in a variety of ways. You know fun when you see it, when you feel it, and if you can't agree on what is fun, what great value fun is, then you do not belong here. If you are anti-fun, you certainly are not welcome.

Finally, love. Love is the most important thing. Love is the reason we are here. Love is why we do what we do. The love for the art, the love for each other. We create eternal bonds with our loved ones, our friends, our community as we do our great work. Love is a defining motivation for OC.

Art. Fun. Love. These are the three pillars of Oekaki Connect.

Infinite March

OC's mission is to be relentless in the production of art. We are wild, primordial spirits rooted in the greatest of ancestors who have been unleashed upon this world. You are us as we are you.

We will not stop as we cannot stop. We are a perpetual motion machine that is only growing faster and stronger. We are a force of nature.

We are the future of art. Our spirit is so strong that it will be impossible to ignore. We will be the new standard of art. Our imprint on the world will be so great that it will be impossible to ignore.

  • Work the hardest out of anyone you know.
  • Be the most productive person you know.
  • Have the heart of a creator, be driven by creation.
  • Love what you do.
  • Love the art.
  • Love the mission of OC.
  • Be ethical and honest.
  • Encourage feedback and criticism.
  • Treat others fairly.
  • Tell the truth even when it is difficult.
  • Care about the team, the community, the customers, the collectors.

You must embody these values to be a part of OC.

Be like tyrants in the pursuit of our mission, but also mentors, teachers, and guides. We are here to help you when you wish to align with our mission.